Established in June 2014, RosecransAve.com has been created to fill the void major media has created by not covering the real LA, we don’t all live on Fairfax or Slauson. We are all of LA, from the beaches to downtown, to the suburbs to the valley to the hood. Rosecrans Avenue stretches nearly 30 miles and is one of LA’s most important streets, you can see all facets of LA riding down Rosecrans. From Manhattan Beach to Compton, Orange County and everything in between, you’ll see the good the bad and the super ugly. We are here to cover everything happening in LA hip hop culture, shows, albums, singles, events, discovering new artist, lifestyle, fashion, art.

Our team has came together because we all share the same vision, the same street, the same passion for LA hip hop.

We are the streets, we are the ‘burbs, we are the beaches, the hills, the alleys, we are the corner liquor store. We are RosecransAve.com


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  1. I’m Just an up and coming artist recently known as scar but as we all know with the right amount of time and effort all scars heal. I now go by Jerrell, I’m still Sincere Creative and Absolutely Real but how could i give the world me with out properly stating my name. I would look forward in building a relationship with your network hopefully you will enjoy my sound as it builds with time

  2. Rosecrans,

    What’s going on guys ? I hope this message finds you well. Thanks for keeping me informed with the latest music around LA. I had a great time at the Flip Major show tonight at the Observatory. It felt good to see a new act perform. I am independent artist in LA as well and I am releasing a new single and music video on the 6th of February. It would be cool if I could get you to check out the release. Would that be cool? Please let me know what you think when you get a chance.


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