GF Anon Gears Up For 2024 Run Via ‘BluMan (Special Edition)’ Album

GF Anon Gears Up For 2024 Run Via ‘BluMan (Special Edition)’ Album

GF Anon is a firm believer that you are entitled to a second chance if the first go around didn’t go your way—hence the delivery of his BluMan (Special Edition) album.

Featuring production credits from artists such as King JVY B, August Fanon, Brainorchestra, [offbeatninja], Cee Gee, iilmeel, Checkpoints, and GF Anon himself, BluMan originally arrived in November of 2022. However, upon evaluating the reach of the record, GF Anon decided he would rework the album with a deluxe edition geared toward regaining his fanbase’s attention.

“I decided to release a special edition version of the album because the album was slept on last year and it lacked the proper promotion on my end,” GF Anon said before explaining why this was the perfect chance to look back before springing forward within his discography. “With me releasing a large amount of material in 2024, why not reintroduce this album to the masses that are searching for music with a message,” he said.

In addition to BluMan (Special Edition) GF Anon has been consistently churning out releases all year long. Along with his “Clutch City,” single featuring King JVY B, GF Anon also recently delivered the deluxe edition of his Forever Is A Long Time collab project with Off Beat Ninja.

Stream the project in full below.


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