Rappa Talks ‘Trappin In Tha Summer’+ Spanglish Album & Foundation Media Deal

Rappa Talks ‘Trappin In Tha Summer’+ Spanglish Album & Foundation Media Deal

On the heels of the release of his Trappin In Tha Summer mixtape, Rappa is set to dig deep into his entrepreneurial bag.

“The meaning of this ep is like the beginning of a new chapter in my career,” Rappa said.

Rappa has grand plans to scale the six-track project into an interactive universe by creating festivals called “Party In Tha Summer” and “Party In Tha Winter,” featuring up-and-coming artists from across the state to perform. Additionally, he aims to embark on tours similar to Rolling Loud, taking his music to different cities and engaging with fans on a broader scale.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Rappa operates his company, “It’s Rappa LLC.” This multifaceted venture provides services ranging from music production to artist development and other record label support. With a strong team, including collaborators like Shot By J for music videos and Hip Hop Famouz for marketing partnerships, Rappa’s company is geared towards helping indie artists reach new heights in their careers.

“I want to give a big thanks to everyone involved, especially Foundation Media (J.J Jensen) for believing in the vision he was involved with the project heavily,” Rappa said in part. “I told him about the project, he saw the vision and helped me execute with the release. I want my music to keep motivating people and give them good music to make a part of their lives. I will keep dropping music consistently from now on. I’m starting to work on other projects on the Spanglish side.” 

Stream the project below.


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