Vicasso Paints A Picture of Life with Healing Natural Foods

Vicasso Paints A Picture of Life with Healing Natural Foods

Recently West Coast emcee Vicasso spoke about his music and its recent spread across Compton and the rest of LA. Bringing a true sense of lyricism and devotion to the craft of making music, Vicasso has embodied the essence of rappers like Nas, Mausberg, and Nipsey into a sound that’s his own. 

Hailing from Compton, Vicasso’s music is heavily influenced by his personal experiences living in Compton and what life is like in LA. His songs are often uplifting and inspirational, offering hope and encouragement to those facing challenging times. 

If you’re looking for music that will motivate and inspire you, look no further than Vicasso who has his own lane of music that the world needs.

“I know that my lane of making conscious music isn’t the fastest way to getting to where I want to go with this music, but I’m more focused on the lyricism aspect of this music and I’m looking to really have an impact as far as how my lyrics are taken and used by the listeners,” Vicasso said. 

In addition to spreading positive messages about health and wellness, Vicasso’s music is also uplifting and inspirational. His songs often tell stories about overcoming adversity and achieving success. The messages in his music have helped many people through tough times in their lives – including himself.

Vicasso was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and given six months to live. However after researching alternative treatments, he found the work of Dr. Sebi, an herbalist who developed a natural plant-based diet and lifestyle regimen that has been used to successfully treat numerous diseases. He incorporates that way of living and treating the body into his music to this day. 

“I didn’t want to accept the doctors’ prognosis so I began to research alternative treatments and came across the work of Dr. Sebi, a natural healer who developed a plant-based diet and herbal remedies to treat diseases,” Vicasso explained.

Dr. Sebi’s teachings on natural food and medicine have had a profound influence on Vicasso’s music. His music is full of positive messages about staying healthy and taking care of your body. He encourages his fans to eat right and exercise..

Now Vicasso is sharing his story with the world in hopes of inspiring others to heal themselves through natural foods but also through the way people think and move in the world. 

Vicasso’s message is simple: “Food is medicine. By eating the right foods, we can prevent and heal disease. My story is proof that these teachings work. For anyone looking to improve their health or heal from an illness, I’m showing fans the way.”

This is an inspiring example of how even the most dire of circumstances can be overcome. His story has shown us that a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies through Dr. Sebi’s teachings are powerful tools to beat cancer, no matter what type it is. 

Vicasso hopes his story will continue to inspire others who have been diagnosed with cancer to believe in themselves and make positive changes for their health and well-being.

Jake Crates

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