Dell G Talks ‘Niners Forever’ Album + ‘N.F.L.’ Anthem With Dave Canal

Dell G Talks ‘Niners Forever’ Album + ‘N.F.L.’ Anthem With Dave Canal

Even though veteran MC Dell G delivered his Niners Forever album last December, he’s already hard at work on the sequel to the 10-track compilation project.

Laced with hits showcasing his deep love for the San Francisco 49ers NFL franchise, Niners Forever is a testament to both Dell G’s deep love affair with Hip Hop and the Bay Area-based team, all-in-one. In a recent interview with Rosecrans Ave, Dell G explained how his love affair with the 49ers started in 1984 and eventually inspired him to intertwine his love for music with his fandom.

“I became a fan of the 49ers in 1984 against New York Giants when we Lost. I saw the 49ers had heart in that game and I stuck with that team ever since that game,” Dell G explained in part. “I’ve been doing music since 1991 and never mixed football and music after 2012 album ‘Tomorrows Not Promised.’”

No matter his location in the world, Dell G took his love for the 49ers with him, which he explains led to his fan-favorite “Spartans Of The Night,” single during his time spent in Atlanta.

“‘Spartans Of The Night’ was being worked on in 2013 and released in 2015,” he said. “Many tailgates were just DJ’s and didn’t have performers, so I reached out to the presidents and they loved it ever since “Spartans Of The Night” performance in Atlanta BBQ 2015.”

Over the years, Dell G continued to express his love for the 49ers throughout his music, which helped him create a community of like-minded artists with whom he began to collaborate with. One of those artists apart of the community is Dave Canal, who Dell G joined forces with for his anthemic single “N.F.L. (Niners For Life).”

“I recruited Dave Canal for this beat because we had some unfinished business to handle for the fan base,” Dell G said. “We recently made ‘Still Faithful,’ for the real Diehard fans who’s stuck through the wins and losses.  Dave Canal and Myself chopped it up on how we should do the song. We split the song up by NFC vs AFC teams. As I had the AFC and Dave Canal had the NFC. The creative part was to cleverly use all teams in the rhyme with some dope mc skills from Niners MC’s.” 

In addition to releasing Niners Forever in December, Dell G also teamed up with Dave Canal for a special acoustic version of their “Still Faithful,” collaboration earlier this month.

Stream Dell G’s Niners Forever album below.


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