Swifty Blue & Peysoh “Little Homies”

Swifty Blue & Peysoh “Little Homies”

Swifty Blue is the big homie to many, and as a big homie it’s his responsibility to tell the little homies tales of the streets and what can potentially happen when making certain decisions. On this new track “Little Homie” produced by Matt Bricks, Swifty does a masterful job of non-fiction storytelling during the hook and his verses. Maywood, California’s own Peysoh is one of the best new artists in Los Angeles and is also subsequently a little homie of Swifty. He contributes to this song mightily with lyrics like “Really in the field and I ain’t never wore no cleats b*tch, I was down bad, shit look I’m on my feet b*tch”. The track closes out with Swifty giving another tougher than steel verse giving game to the big and little homies alike.

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