Yadda Man Explains How His ‘Jacket Weather’ Album & Stalley’s Label Intersect

Yadda Man Explains How His ‘Jacket Weather’ Album & Stalley’s Label Intersect

Yadda Man recently delivered his 10-track album Jacket Weather, which includes features from artists such as Mick Jenkins, Dizzy Wright, among others.

The stunning interpersonal and lyrical project marks the third joint-effort release between his Off Brand Music Group imprint and the former Maybach Music Group artist Stalley’s fledging label Blue Collar Gang. Though their relationship isn’t new and began as early as 2019, Yadda Man has sharpened both his pen game and business mindset under Stalley’s guidance — which culminated in the elevation of the quality of his latest LP.

During a conversation with Rosecrans Avenue, Yadda Man broke down his ties to Stalley and the Blue Collar Gang while also breaking down what the release of Jacket Weather means to him. Yadda Man, whose real name is Kenyatta Thomas, started off by explaining how he joined forces with Stalley in Atlanta after a close collaborator shared his music with him.

“I had actually got introduced to my guy Kso Jaynes by a mutual friend,” Yadda Man started off. “He saw me perform at a show and really fucked with my music. He sent Stalley some of my music and he fucked with it too. So when we were in Atlanta, he hit Kso and told us to pull up to the studio. From there we built a close relationship, he took me under his wing & the rest is history.”

The chemistry the pair shared was apparent instantaneously and allowed Yadda Man and Stalley to bond on a personal and professional level.

Now, with nearly four years behind them, Yadda says the only thing that has changed is the date, as their mission statement remains true.

“Best advice Stalley gave me was to work hard and be patient,” Yadda Man said. “That’s pretty much the whole concept behind ‘Blue Collar Gang,’ be patient and everything you want will come to you if you work hard for it.”

Yadda Man took Stalley’s advice to heart and injected his collective, Off Brand Music Group, with the type of timeless music creatives he believes will carry the dream forward throughout his career.

“So ‘Off Brand’ is pretty much a collective of people that are wave creators not the wave riders,” Yadda Man explained. “We different. We offer originality, authenticity, and good music. What we do, they can’t do and they tryna figure out how we do it. Originally ‘Off Brand’ started off as a group that my Uncle Numbas started with me and my homie Booder. The group didn’t work out so I decided to keep going. I decided to turn it into a brand and something I stand behind. It’s Me, Nikki The Poet, Y-Beezy (Beezy), Julian Thomas, DJ Elness, DJ Numbas, and a lot of others that definitely help push the brand along the way. I love y’all. Anybody doing shit their own way, original, and not stopping for anyone. You ‘Off Brand’ too.”

Stream Jacket Weather below.


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