Holland Izz Releases “International Izz” EP & “Do It On The Concrete” Video

Holland Izz Releases “International Izz” EP & “Do It On The Concrete” Video

Compton native Holland Izz returned from his trip to Europe oozing “International Izzm” executive produced by Berlin producer Solarrio. This resulted in Holland releasing 5 all new tracks packed with this his signature off the wall energy, crafty vocal ranges and dynamic production. The project kicks off with a sermon about what izzm is, followed by the incredible track “Rosetta Stone” which feels like you’re thrust into a bullet train filled with disco lights and funky music. “Do It On The Concrete” is the quintessential performance track which Holland is an expert at, if you’ve ever been to a Holland show, you know he is going to go full maniac mode while rapping the words to this song. “Stop This” featuring Yoshi Vintage is an intense song that touches on some deep topics including Yoshi shouting out Doeburger; this song sounds like it belongs in the middle of a climactic scene of a blockbuster film. The train ride slows down during his “Freak N Me” track as he goes into a romantic mood, serenading in a sultry tone. This ride comes to an end with two songs on one track titled “Nightmare/ Here Today” produced by Diamond and Giot which discusses the tragic passing of his friend, fellow Compton rapper Kee Riche$ earlier this year, revolving around the theme of how you can be here today and gone tonight. 

2023 looks to be another very productive year for Holland as his work ethic and commitment to his craft is unmatched. If you haven’t realized already Holland Izz as Holland does. 

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