Big $wift ft Jakarta $lim “What’s The Vibes”

Big $wift ft Jakarta $lim “What’s The Vibes”

The 562’s very own Big $wift releases his new single titled “What’s The Vibes” with up and coming Los Angeles artist Jakarta $lim. Immediately listeners are hit with $wift’s soft, yet catchy melodic verses followed by Jakarta’s sharp rapping style. Also known as the Southeast P, $wifts versatility is proven in this new track as he creates a fusion of hard-hitting lyrics sung in a smooth manner. Jakarta’s voice compliments the mellow west coast style of the song as he flows with a certain swagger that can be felt throughout. Summer just started last month and this is definitely one to get that late night function vibe right. The potential is limitless for both artists and can be heard in this song as they sing and rap with perfect balance. They are definitely the yin to the other’s yang on this track and listeners can only hope that more collaborations are on the way. These youngsters are definitely rising stars in their own respective lanes and have found a way to make a banger for the summer.

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