Mitchy Slick Drops ‘In My Elco’ Single & Hits The Road For ‘The Fresh Yard’ Tour

Mitchy Slick Drops ‘In My Elco’ Single & Hits The Road For ‘The Fresh Yard’ Tour

San Diego artist Mitchy Slick joins lyricists such as Planet Asia, Fashawn, Sir Veterano and Flii Stylz for The Fresh Yard Tour following the release of his Sir Veterano-produced anthem “In My Elco.”

The 12-date West Coast-dwelling show began on June 30 in Oakland and will travel throughout the entire month directly into the grand finale at The Fresh Yard boutique in San Diego on July 31.

Not only does the release mark the dawn of yet another new era for Mitchy Slick, it also serves as a benchmark stamping his longevity in the music industry. Multiple artists from the new generation of rappers have also acknowledged his influence, including Sauce Walka and late L.A. rapper Drakeo The Ruler, who dedicated his Ain’t The The Truth album track “Mitchy Slickster” to the legacy Slick has built.

He wrote about their interactions while also remarking on how different the rap game is now in a recent Instagram post.

“Never met the youngster in person but he tapped in and FaceTimed a Nigga when he hit the city unlike some niggas that I’ve actually known for years,” Mitchy Slick wrote on The Gram in the message. “He made the song named after me and that was big homage too.Appreciate that especially comin from an artist from this newer generation.All I can say to the young homies is tap in wit your G homies for game and guidance.With age comes wisdom.A real G always got a few things that can help you get to your full potential before something misfortunate gets in the way.This rap shit is different now days so you gotta move different.Why you think I barely do shows in my city. #TRIV.”

In his recent No Jumper interview, the Daygo native discussed several major moments from his 20-year career including his early collaboration with The Game, YG, Joe Moses, Jay 305, RJ Mr. LA and AD, his thoughts on XXXTENTACION being knocked out during his visit to Daygo, living in the Bay Area, L.A. and more.

Revisit the stream for “In My Elco” featuring Sir Veterano below.


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