Will IV “Gangsta Love” ft 500Raxx

Will IV “Gangsta Love” ft 500Raxx

Will IV is a breathe of fresh air for LA’s West Coast r&b scene. Hailing from Inland Empire, CA Will IV spent the majority of his life growing up in The IE, and expresses these stories, both good and bad, through his music.   As previewed in his debut mixtape, “Love Me Later,” dropping later this Summer, the young California artist seems to blend high energy Melodies, while keeping this nostalgic 90s r&b feel, & of course, always over a smooth West Coast synth and 808. As seen in the first hit single “Gangsta Love” featuring LA’s own 500raxx, The West needs this type of house party, kick back R&B to get back in the mix.  Will IV has a promising place in LA’s music scene if the tape has more of these vibes.  

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