DaShawn Jordan “WYGDBI” Video

DaShawn Jordan “WYGDBI” Video

Professional skateboarder Dashawn Jordan has decided to break out of his artistic shell and release a visual for his single titled “WYGDBI”. Skateboarding and rap have been synonymous since the days of TK and the Ice Cream era. There has never been a better time for this hybrid to come back to life as Dashawn shows exactly what it’s like to live a day in his life.

Jordan’s intriguing visuals coupled with catchy lines manage to keep listeners and viewers enthralled. The visuals seem to switch from different parts of Cali yet manage to tell the story of a skateboarder making shit happen. Not many skateboarders can make it happen in the music scene, but Jordan seems to have some promise as long as he is as consistent on the mic as he is on the board.

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