Trestil “Makeurmind”

Trestil “Makeurmind”

Sometimes you just stumble upon some music that you are blown away by. Especially when the rest of the world has no idea it exists. This is the case for Trestil, a 22-year-old artist coming out of Denver, Colorado. His sound is electric and modern, but he plays this rage and Hyperpop role at his highest level.

“Makeurmind” not only impressed me from start to finish but showcased that Denver is yet another city pumping out new regional sounds. Brimming with rage instrumentation, the tempo is at a nearly perfect setting all of which was handled by Cash HeartTrestil gives off a certain level of confidence with his delivery, but he’s been fine-tuning things since 2015. With inspirations from Carti, Tyler, Michael Jackson, and a few others, it looks like a culmination of tastes have translated into some pretty unreal music. Do yourself a real favor and peep the gas below.

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