LA Rapper Bhu$$ Makes Waves With “Composure” Music Video

LA Rapper Bhu$$ Makes Waves With “Composure” Music Video

The “Jimmy Buttler” rapper promises more soaring songs on the friends-assisted sequel after two exalting albums by the emerging Compton crooner.

Bhu$$ is back, and this time it’s with the video for “Composure.”

“Things go up and down in life,” he adds, “but the secret to overcome the terrible is to just be cool and keep moving.” “It’s better to just be appreciative, remain cool, and keep going even when you feel you deserve more than what you have.”

Check it out below.

Following the publication of the video, he plans to keep the momentum continuing by releasing a new initiative that will strengthen his grasp on the game.

Bhu$$ has been steadily rising in the music industry since his debut in 2020 with the Huss and Friends EP, which included songs like “Trenches.”

Last year, the autotuned emoter released Husslenomics, a debut album that showcased his hydraulic flows, magnetic appeal, rhyming talents, and exciting vocal prowess on tracks like “Bentayga” and “GO BACK,” where he exhibited his rap-singing technique that has steadily grown into his hallmark sound.

“I’d say my style is certainly melodic rap,” the California rapper says, “and what motivates me is the expression of my sentiments and the way I’m able to communicate it.”

He’s also released a few music videos that showcase his charm and flair in front of the camera, as well as his catchy cadences and lively music.

Bhu$$ may be from Compton, but he exudes an intrinsic sincerity that allows him to express himself freely over large instrumentals, particularly gloomy trap, where his rap-singing aspect flourishes.

Huss & Friends 2 is his upcoming body of work, a project that will cement his reign in music and establish him as a modern music artist to watch.

“To me, music is about forming and maintaining true relationships. People change, but some people don’t,” he explains, adding that the project includes a collection of music mastered with friends and partners he has known since childhood.

“This second project just demonstrates the evolution of my music and how it has influenced me and my contemporaries.” We’re all from the same neighborhood. Those who remain the same around me regardless of my circumstances mean a lot to me, and this endeavor is eerily similar.”

Huss & Friends 2 will be released soon. Meanwhile, check out his new music video for “Composure” above and follow him on Instagram.

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