Reeves Junya Releases “Music Is My Girlfriend 4”

Reeves Junya Releases “Music Is My Girlfriend 4”

In a world where rappers rap gobbledygook for 90 seconds in the booth, and have engineers piece together verses over beats they stole from YouTube, Reeves Junya is an anomaly. Not only does he write his own meaningful lyrics, he produces and engineers his music, plus even directs his own videos. The bond he’s created with music is impregnable, thus creating a series of projects titled “Music Is My Girlfriend”. Today, he brings us “Music Is My Girlfriend 4”, the long awaited project is filled with 17 bangers. Two of which features “Rich The Kid” (Turn Around) & another with “Kanye West’s” new artist “KayCyy” (Call Me Back). Of all these tracks none being more impactful than “Mental Health”, the single not only generating a strong buzz, but creating a conversation about checking on your “lit friends too” as Reeves so eloquently puts it. Having been no stranger to issues of mental health and believing it’s important to erase the stigma associated with discussing it, he put medicine in the candy as the video has an immense amount of replay value, while spreading an important message.

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