D.Lo’ Bashy “Level Up”

D.Lo’Bashy (@polovsdolois the CEO of the DC-based music label, Never2Big (@N2bthelabel). Although he is young, his mindset is exceptionally mature. His business acumen is top-notch, and he does all that he can to support his team. As an artist, he knows what it takes to create a genuine moment in the city. His EV Made It-directed visual “Level Up” is fire around his way. Although he has a cast on his wrist on the visual, he is far from broke.

D.Lo’Bashy has been on another level since he started making music. His attention to detail with his craft shows with each release. He has plans to drop plenty of new content going into these next couple of months. Stay locked in with him on social media and visit his YouTube to get acquainted with his past drops. With Broccoli City Festival & Something In The Water coming to the district, it is only time before N2B is in on one of those stages. 

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