Lil Cuete & YeloHill Release “Hood Thangs”

Lil Cuete & YeloHill Release “Hood Thangs”

Chicano Rap legend Lil Cuete and West LA’s best new artist YeloHill titled “Hood Thangs” through label Optimistic Records. One can liken this to Snoop Dogg and B-Real’s classic collaboration “Vato” as far as the subject matter, but with a 2022 twist. Lil Cuete wasted no time sliding on the beat like when you turn the wrong way on a one way, stating, “I hear them talk a lot, but they don’t really do sh*t”. Yelo follows with a ferocious flow of his own and making it apparent that Black and Brown unity is the agenda being pushed on this track rapping, “this is exactly what it is, one vato, one gangster, so you know we keep it lit”. The energetic and melodic production provided by Ev9thr33 and Syphon is the perfect setting for this barrier breaking single.

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