Swifty Blue, Peysoh & Moneysign $uede Merge Their Gangster Rap Powers On “Grimey Park” EP

Swifty Blue, Peysoh & Moneysign $uede Merge Their Gangster Rap Powers On “Grimey Park” EP

In August of 2021, three of Southeast Los Angeles best gangster rappers connected in the studio over a Matt Bricks instrumental and made history. “Grimey Park” became an instant classic. Up until that point Swifty Blue, Peysoh and Moneysign $uede had no plans of doing a joint project, but the chemistry was undeniable and the reaction from fans could not be overlooked. A few months later, the three decided they would work on a project titled “Grimey Park” not only recreating the magic, but elevating it by challenging each other in the studio with vicious verses and even adding Inglewood star Rucci on standout track “P Funk”. The results have spoken for themselves, as fans flood their comments with positive reviews praising the trio for their unique sound, guttural delivery along with both jarring and relatable lyrics. 

In the past seven days, both $uede and Swifty sold out their own headlining shows in Los Angeles (The Novo and Catch One, respectively) selling a combined 3,000 tickets. While Peysoh is currently incarcerated, fans anxiously await his release and are already lobbying for a “Grimey Park 2” project due to his outstanding performances on all six tracks. Above everything else, this project incapsulates this moment in time and is nearly a euphemism for the theme of this project, even when you’re up, you don’t have to look too far to see it’s still grimy. 

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