Sham1016 Drops Off Long-Awaited Debut Project ‘Foul Play’

Sham1016 Drops Off Long-Awaited Debut Project ‘Foul Play’

South Central LA artist Sham1016 grants fans with his debut project ‘Foul Play,’ out now. After much anticipation, Sham1016 finally delivers a highly versatile project that shows off his talent and skills in a way that fans can see his growth over the years, this is truly his best work yet.

“The cycle of being the hurt versus the one who hurts people inspired this,” Sham1016 said in a recent interview. “Being in the position where I was responsible for hurting these different women’s feelings to making that transition to being the one that gets hurt has always been interesting to me.”

‘Foul Play’also includes the previously released “Hurt Yourself,” single, which was also accompanied by a cinematic visual. The video, which opens with the direct line of “You just gon hurt yourself tryna figure me out,” displays a more personal side of Sham1016 and captures the overall theme of the project. He raps soulful lyrics under the spotlight of an entirely black & white video. With simplistic views including glimpses of graffitied allies and old-school whips, the crisp video enhances the focus on the head-bopping rhymes and tight-nit flows that Sham1016 executes so well.

Although Sham1016 has plenty of certified gems on the new album, the artist expressed how “Stand on Bidness” is one track in particular that stands out to him.

“It was my favorite writing I’ve done so far,” he said. “I wrote the hook, the bridge, and the melody. I even had my cousin talking about my great-grandma in the beginning. It felt like I went down to Texas to one of our family reunions.”

Sham1016 is truly a natural in front of the camera, proving how he takes his career seriously as he continues to build his legacy from the ground up. The project features assists from other talented acts such as Ye Ali, Griff Tyler, & Kiilynn, and more. He is a self-taught music artist, graphic designer, writer, and a creative director for Kid Cali’s label EBE. Sham1016 truly is the jack of all trades as he understands the value of being self-sufficient when launching your career independently. 

Sham1016 is definitely a businessman in and out of the studio. He also hinted in a recent interview how there would be two more projects including merch dropping this year after Foul Play, and even his own Juice shop that will be opening soon. 

An overarching project inspired by the inevitable karma that comes with wrong-doings in relationships, Sham1016 gets vulnerable in this album as he brings a dark, moody vibe that’s still very much player.

“Life inspires me, the pains that come from it, being able to observe and turn it into a soundtrack and create a whole world from it makes me passionate about music,” Sham1016 continued. “Foul Play is authentic. No extras, no made-up sh*t, just me.”

As Sham1016 gears up for another fantastic year in his career, watch his latest visual for “Hurt Yourself” and stream his new project, Foul Play, out on all streaming platforms!


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