PettyPetty & Kalan.frfr “Won’t Call Back”

Rising Los Angeles rapper PettyPetty is on a win streak of epic proportions. After a very productive and consistent 2021 campaign that included a joint project with Drakeo The Ruler titled “Out Of Character”, and a solo project titled “Petro” that was received extremely well by listeners on the west coast and in the southern United States he’s back with a new track. Today, he releases a brand new single featuring Roc Nation artist and rising LA superstar Kalan.frfr titled “Won’t Call Back” produced by Eli. The song is a true testament to Petty’s development as an artist as he tries his hand at creating a song catered towards a female audience. Kalan kicks off the song by singing, “50 piece on me and some fly ass clothes”, followed by Petty “I’m finna fly out with my b**** with Celiné on, gotta keep the beam, couple bands with some lean on”. As we spring into warm weather and summer only a few months away, the single is the perfect addition to a pool party playlist. 

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