Meet Producer DOC, Credits Include Lil Durk, NAV, JI + More

Meet Producer DOC, Credits Include Lil Durk, NAV, JI + More

Cross-genre on-the-rise producer, DOConDaBeat aka DOC, understood the task in front of him would not be easy. His 2012 effort, “When I’m Famous” marked his introduction to hip-hop, circulating his knack for bridging original themes to nostalgic melodies. The (then) upstate New York teenager’s verses landed in regional venues and supported his subsequent 2015 mixtape “Matter of Time”. Each garnered positions on prominent rap blogs. Still, in a period where the power of the internet helps or hinders those with audio manifestations–the beatmaker knew he needed to trek to Manhattan if he was going to be more than a big fish in a local pond. “People think I have been making music for 10 years, but it has been much longer than that. As a kid, I watched my father produce records for his friends. I remember the first time I made a beat, and somebody rapped on it. I was in the 5th grade. I knew then what I know now,” DOC explained.

Eager to hone his craft, the platinum-selling session leader soon taught himself how to play instruments and write music. His first instrument of choice was the piano, a tool that helped him to arrange cadences before any RIAA-certified placements. DOC found a musical safe space beside his mother at church, where the tyke learned to play the drums for his congregation’s choir. Both tuneful attributes posture his musicianship blocks ahead of newcomers who create exclusively through software programs. “I kept at it. Later, when my projects developed a buzz, my friend P was helpful with connecting me to industry executives, as he creates music, too. I would clock out of my day job at 5:00 PM, and we would drive to NYC to meet artists. Our studio sessions would sometimes continue until 4:00 AM. I would take a nap in the car on our way back to Albany and be at work by 9:00 AM,” he detailed.The grind of DOC’s developmental process, while strenuous, was necessary. In time, the virtuoso crossed paths with Gaby Acevedo, and their meeting marked the beginning of his mainstream trajectory beside GStarr Entertainment. The bilingual CEO took the music producer’s dexterities to new levels in 2019, marrying DOC’s hard-hitting trap loops to more commercialized rap sounds. Beside his roster mate, J.I., radio placements resulted in audiovisual success, including their collaboration “Need Me” and its 122 million YouTube views. Shortly thereafter, the producer’s synth-heavy packs played nicely from verse to chorus on the lyricist’s EPs, “Hood Life Krisis Vol. 1”, and “Hood Life Krisis Vol. 2.”, These triumphs were merely the beginning for the duo. A few millennial heavyweights’ co-signs inspired the GStarr hitmakers to keep moving. “I used to follow NAV on Twitter when he was solely producing for the XO crew. Now, he is rapping on one of my beats with Lil Durk,” DOC said regarding J.I’s collab, “Painless 2.” This enthusiasm laced the roster mates’ 2020 sets on the road and roused the keyboard wizard’s contributions to DAISY SIMO and Apollo Rai’s emerging catalogs. Taking notes from his production idols, DJ Khaled and Kanye West, has strengthened his musical reach by learning to mix and master for upcoming GStarr albums. The multi hyphenate struck gold yet again on J.I.’s “Hood Life Krisis 3” with “Letter 2 U”. DOC’s influences include The Dream, JAY-Z, Nas, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, and Southside of 808Mafia. Gaby believed in me immediately. I can see how much we have accomplished in a few years. I aspire to become a super producer and assemble other young producers under me. Years from now, I hope people will sample my LPs. Also, I learned how to handle artists’ stage soundchecks. Who knows–maybe one day I will even do a film score–we have major dreams,” DOC asserted. 

The current RIAA Class member’s feelings of limitlessness are partially credited to his stint on 2021’s sold-out Young and Restless Tour. He DJed and supported GStarr’s studio recordings between show stops. DOC made inspiring discoveries by dedicating time to spinning conscious hits from his parent’s hip-hop era and listening to Caribbean riddims from chart-topping predecessors. Revisiting retro vinyl brought forth past-meets-present-boosted reggaeton tracks with El Ritmo Que Te Provoca, including “Comas y Ceros” by FARINA and Arcangel. The brawny soundscapes of DOC’s money compositions fit in Spanish-speaking markets, bringing him cross-continental fanfare. The love of devotees is appreciated, but admiration from a figure DOC respects elevated his understanding of how to guide an artist’s vocals harmoniously. The chart-topping producer Rick Steele is credited for his precision in obtaining the exact notes requested by his collaborators. The mogul’s ability to invoke emotions from his performers assisted DOC–ahead of publicizing his first-ever number 1 placement beside J.I on the Heatseekers Album chart–concluding last year. The event was a manifestation of a long preparation meeting opportunity for the GStarr team.

“I believe these mainstream developments are fate. Music runs deep in my lineage. My grandfather was in a 70s Bronx-based band. He played Earth, Wind & Fire tracks and asked that I explain what I heard. My mother is a writer. She made me understand the importance of storytelling. Comprehension of a song’s beginning, middle, and end became a requirement in our household,” the beatmaker affirmed. Traditionally, producers work closely with writers at a label. DOC set his intention to always be cohesive with whatever he releases into the world. This component alone reiterated the need for the industry rookie to have a solid workforce in place. Beyond the business, DOC’s grandest motivating factor is the love of his son. Upon the birth of his child, the key player took a leap of faith and pursued his passion full-time.2022 has exciting announcements en route with support from veterans like Poo Bear and DJ Luian Mambo Kingz’s producer Hydro. “I put everything I have into these dreams. I want people to feel that sentiment no matter what genre they listen to”, DOC substantiated. As continued chart entries occur, GStarr’s signee understands he does not get points today for yesterday’s wins. In the meantime, DOC is patiently putting the work in.

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