LilChoc Gotty “Add It Up”

LilChoc Gotty “Add It Up”

Watts, California’s newest star LilChoc Gotty is right back with another single titled “Add It Up” produced by Ninety7 and recorded by Mousa Recordings. The sinister track showcases his dexterity as his last release “Mulato” was a bit more light-hearted in nature. “Add It Up” is LilChoc spewing his most spine-chilling sayings yet with lyrics like “smoke to calm me down before I catch a body for my hood”. However, he also refers to his hustler’s ambition with lines like “seen my first hundred piece, said damn it’s not enough, I need 700 thousand, a million is coming up”. 

Stay tuned for more releases by LilChoc Gotty in the coming months as the Watts rapper continues to do like his favorite soft drink 7UP when it’s shaken and pop. 

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