Ahmad Qadah F/ PNB Meen“Habibi”

Ahmad Qadah F/ PNB Meen“Habibi”

Ahmad Qadah
 is a 21 yr old artist/barber from Lexington, Kentucky. Also manages talent and run an independent label called Exotic Records.  Growing up surrounded by the influence of hip-hop legends like Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Eminem, and more, he got into music at an early age. He quickly garnered buzz for stand-out songs like “Habibi” and “Classic Dayzz” and gained an enormous social media following in the span of a few months.

Never slowing down, Ahmad’s latest single and video “Habibi” quickly had thousands of views and streams online.  Along with this constant output of new music of his own, he also has collaborations in the works. Ahmad will be releasing his singles throughout the year in hopes to land a recording or distribution deal. 
Look out for more music in 2022.

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