LilChoc Gotty “Mulato”

LilChoc Gotty “Mulato”

While Watts, California is only two square miles in size, its influence and notoriety in music and U.S. history is immeasurable. The small city has birthed a disproportionate amount of stars and statistically speaking one would assume the talent pool would eventually dry out. However, Lil Choc Gotty is proving otherwise. Watts newest potential star is looking to chalk up some hits of his own, and today he brings us a brand new single titled “Mulato”. A surefire party-starter and an automatic add to a get turnt playlist. Gotty raps with vigorous conviction throughout the song but especially when it comes to lines about smoking his opposition such as “let a n***a diss me, I ain’t gon’ put him in a song, catch him lacking, get the drop, then I roll him up and smoke”.

Keep a close eye out for more LilChocGotty as he continues to build his buzz and etch his name into the Watts history books. 

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