Tay Prince “Pretty Brown Eyes”

Tay Prince “Pretty Brown Eyes”

Tay Prince, aka Tashaun Wilkerson,is a fast-rising talent from Hip-Hop’s legendary towns, South Jamaica, Queens. His new Valentine’s Day-themed single “Pretty Brown Eyes” is a smooth ballad for the melanated queens in the world. Tay makes his preference clear and serenades his fans with his new hit. He saw a lot of support from outlets on his drill-inspired banger, “Got Damn!” and hopes to see the same love for “Pretty Brown Eyes“.

Tay Prince is one of those artists that can stay around for a while. He knows how to gain support and attention by creating good vibes for fans from all walks of life. The greats inspire the Queens native, it is clear. The Cloud 9 Music Group creator has a lot of potential, and this record is setting his 2022 up very nicely.

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