Heartbreaka “Blame” ft Maddison Milweski

Heartbreaka “Blame” ft Maddison Milweski

San Diego, CA artist Heartbreaka is kicking off his new “Beyond Repair” album campaign with a brand new single titled “Blame” right in time for the man-made, Hallmark holiday, that is Valentine’s Day. Given that his name is Heartbreaka, you can imagine the content of his music is pertaining to relationships so this is truly his season to thrive, and he is delivering handily. Heart tells a story of a lover lost due to his reluctance to change for the better, and his awareness of it, he doesn’t want her to wait on him so he places the blame on himself. Maddison Milweski contributes mightily with the woman’s perspective on the track, balancing out the song emotionally and sonically in what sounds like a somber, yet beautiful lovers quarrel. 

In this Quicho Films directed visual, both Heartbreaka and the lead model are seen in striking pastel colored lighting separately then together, joining for a face to face confrontation scene laced with emotion. While Heart has reached multimillion numbers in views and plays plenty of times in his career his forthcoming project “Beyond Repair” looks to be his best and most cohesive work yet. 

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