Nilla Allin’s latest LP, “Nilla’s Diary,” is delightfully on repeat

Nilla Allin’s latest LP, “Nilla’s Diary,” is delightfully on repeat

Despite being relatively new on the market, Nilla Allin, who was born and raised in California, has built quite a reputation for herself. Her freestyle abilities have earned her a devoted following who have been waiting eagerly for her new EP, Nilla’s Diary, which is now available on all streaming platforms.

Nilla described what inspired her current EP in a recent interview. “In this project, I’ve become more vulnerable with my music and pour more of my emotions into the project rather than just ‘conceited cleaver bars.”

Nilla went on to share that the songs are “real diary entries from [her] old college journal that [she] transform[ed] into songs.” When listening to the EP, you can tell that what Nilla’s singing about is personal. It’s evident that she raps with a passion and crafts every song to be a hit.

Every song on the EP has a love theme and is inspired by Nilla’s own experiences. Nilla’s Diary, she says, is the most sensitive project she’s ever worked on, and she hopes that listeners will “will find this body of work relatable as each song triggers different emotion[s].”

Nilla has described herself as a creative child when she was a toddler. In her spare time, she wrote novels, plays, screenplays, poetry, songs, and even raps. Nilla used to have projects in elementary school where she had to narrate a tale, compose a poem, or write or rap a song using all of her spelling words.

What sets Nilla apart is that she doesn’t attempt to fit herself into a box; instead, she prefers to write songs based on how she’s feeling rather than categorizing her music into a certain genre.

Nilla Allin can’t be stopped with her blazing road ahead of her!

Nilla’s Diary is available to stream below.

Where can you stay up to date on all things Nilla Allin? is her official website.

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