AwDay P & Pacman Da Gunman release video for “From The Jump”

AwDay P & Pacman Da Gunman release video for “From The Jump”

Los Angeles artist AwDay P has burst on the scene with a banger titled “From The Jump” featuring LA staple and All Money In representer Pacman Da Gunman. Originally from the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles, the Filipino/Native American rapper has a unique voice and perspective to match, setting him apart from the rest of the artists on the West Coast. He starts the song off with the conviction of a culprit stating “used to push dope just to make money, that’s the truth!” in the chorus, creating an anthemic, money making track. Pacman contributes with a standout verse using a jolting flow, rapping rapidly, then slowing down in the same bar, proceeds to rap in Spanish for two bars then ends his sixteen with “I’m a King so I never pray, I just map it out then make a way”. 

The visual showcases AwDay P and Pacman living in a pistols and palm-trees paradise, equipped with classic cars, beautiful women poolside, as they admire the hillside views. AwDay is ready to make a splash in 2022 as he looks to release more quality content including his new project “Prosper 2” later this year. 

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