2oo $hyy “Danger”

2oo Shyy, aka Mehki Hayes, is a dope creative from New Jersey. His youthful nature has helped him boost his music to more and more fans every year. Although he is young, the topics he discusses in his music are incredibly mature. The categories are pain, love, societal issues, and many others. “Danger” is his newest visual. It shows his passion as a musician and his attention to detail regarding his relationships.

Shyy’s start in music began on Instagram. He used to post endless freestyle clips until he could transition his talents to the studio. Hayes successfully fostered creative connections with other songwriters and producers from across the world. His first single, “Timeline,” did well, but now he has records like “Off & On,” “S.E.X,” and “I’m Him” that ring off for his fans worldwide. These records were the perfect foundation to prepare for his newest release of “Danger.
Watch his new video for “Danger” here today!

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