NWG Suave Jumpstarts 2022 Campaign With Fiery ‘Vengeance (Freestyle)’

NWG Suave Jumpstarts 2022 Campaign With Fiery ‘Vengeance (Freestyle)’

NWG Suave is staging the approach to his 2022 takeover with his latest visual single.

Dealing with obstacles that come with being a boss, NWG Suave comes clean while murdering the blaring Southern-facing production in the video for his “Vengeance (Freestyle)” single.

Though the track clocks in at just a minute and some change, NWG Suave has packed the record with some of his most impactful bars.

“My ole girl starting to worry/Been fighting demons trying to find the light/Comprehension thru disaster/Bitch I’m focused creeping through,” NWG Suave raps.

The release of “Vengeance (Freestyle)” marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Misunderstood lyricist who shared his 12-track project last year before delivering a string of successful singles such as his “Free Smoke” collaboration with Republic Records artist FCG Heem.

While the visual is his first release of 2022, NWG Suave has been working on several collaborations with artists Producers such as DaBaby’s affiliate DJ Kidd and legendary Memphis rapper DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia.

He’s also been hard at work developing the artists apart of his imprint Netaway The Label which is also home to Dallas-born rapper Duke Binladen and rising artist Bandbaby Twon.

Watch the video for “Vengeance (Freestyle)” below.


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