Doknow & Jakarta $lim “My Brothers”

Doknow & Jakarta $lim “My Brothers”

Viral multi-social media star Doknow is back with his first release of the new year with a familiar friend who’s began his own rise to stardom Jakarta $lim. Their new track “My Brothers” is a love letter spray painted on a wall in cursive, dedicated to lives lost along the way whom they miss dearly. Similar to when Jay Z said “I can’t see them coming down my eyes, so I gotta let this song cry”, Doknow and Jakarta express their emotions artistically with lyrics like “know I’m rocking with my brothers til I’m gone” they inadvertently created an anthem that can be played after the loss of someone close to you for years to come. 

While Doknow continues to grow his star across multiple platforms, most recently becoming a co-host on No Jumper’s At The End Of The Day podcast as well as the Brown Bag Podcast, he refuses to be placed in a box which explains the consistent output of music, skits and creative content in general.

Jakarta $lim’s career started last January with his standout appearances on Doknow’s “Doknow & DaHawmies” project, but has already become an industry darling collaborating with many established West Coast artists as he continues to release his own solo music building his catalogue by the day. 

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