Meet Producer John Lam, Credits Include: Lil Durk, PNB Rock, Nardo Wick & more

Meet Producer John Lam, Credits Include: Lil Durk, PNB Rock, Nardo Wick & more

Meet John Lam, the RIAA Platinum-Certified Producer who’s produced hits such as “Kanye Krazy” for Lil Durk, “Zaza” by PNB Rock, and “I Be Chillin” by Nardo Wick.

Florida-bred musician and beat maker John Lam can be heard on a number of melodic Hip-hop tracks coming out of the South. His tag Pull up Lam plays on various records performed by Chicago’s-own Lil Durk and on many other prominent artists’ tracks. With polished samples and nostalgic tones, Lam’s music shares the story of his Southern roots one note at a time. Lam’s music is described as a fusion of the rhythm of 90s and 2000s Hip-hop with the heart of Old-School and Gospel Soul, the flavor of Miami Dance music and a bassline of the Deep South. His sound’s foundation came from the music that surrounded him in Church in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Fl. There, he grew up playing guitar and piano which helped him develop his musicianship and the sound that would later be heard in his productions. Always inspired by the music around him, Lam was determined to become respected for his musical taste. When he started college at USF to obtain a degree in Computer Engineering, Lam moved around as a DJ in the Tampa Bay area. He played shows across campus and started developing a name within the music scene. When he lost interest in DJing, he began experimenting with beat making. With his experience as a musician, his technical skills from Computer Science and his music network in the city, he made a smooth transition from DJing to music producing. Before he knew it, his sound circled to local artists throughout his city and got lots of positive reinforcement from its listeners. He started going back and forth to Atlanta and other music cities to broaden his clientele and to build his network.

Although he traveled to spread his music, Lam stayed rooted in Tampa to continue developing his production skills. In 2019, he interned at a local studio when he met Hypno Carlito, an associate of Chicago rapper Lil Durk. Hypno heard Lam’s beats and initiated the conversation that led to an introduction to the Chicago rapper. Durk was already impressed by Lam’s sound and the duo began working on music together not long after meeting. Durk signed Lam to his Only The Family label and the rest is history. Lam was connected to Lil Durk’s OTF roster and quickly worked his way up to RIAA Platinum-Certified records, major single and album releases. His record “On Your Mind” with Lil Durk was featured on the Judas and the Black Messiah soundtrack and Lam’s music circulated across the world. Through his work ethic and label connections, Lam made his way in the studio with artists like PNB Rock, 2 Chainz, Polo G, Dave East and more. As doors continued to open up, Lam stayed focused and ready for the next thing. Although Lam has music broadcasted nationally and internationally, he is determined to stay focused on growing his own empire. Inspired by German composer and producer Hans Zimmer and Chicago music producer and artist Kanye West, Lam aspires to be innovative in creating the next surge of music. He continues to collaborate with major artists and next-up music creators. With his passion for developing new talent and creating quality music records, producer John Lam has plans to discover the next music superstar and to continue perfecting his craft to become one of the world’s most respected music producers in the game.

Watch the video for perhaps his biggest placement, Kanye Krazy with Lil Durk, directed by Cole Bennett.

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