YTM Lilvent Releases New Single “Nothing”

Texas rapper YTM Lilvent has continued to stay incredibly consistent and create a name for himself since his decision to take music seriously, just a short time ago. The Mexican-American act released a whopping __ videos in a years time and finds himself constantly going viral on various influential media platforms. Today, he brings us a brand new single featuring fellow Texas artists. Izzy93, Lil A, Lil M3D, and crew-mate YTM Lilvier titled “Nothing”. The Texan harmonizes his voice with dreary autotune in his signature style, rapping about his lifestyle with introspective bars such as “Ima stand up for something, my Daddy told me I wouldn’t be nothing, now I turned the tables and got to the money” over an angelic guitar beat which sounds like it could’ve been used by current rap heavyweights like Gunna or Lil’ Baby.

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