Detroit’s LoTickets Is Living Luxuriously On “My Last”

Detroit’s own LoTickets is bursting onto the scene with lion-like ferocity on his latest single “My Last”. When asked about the inspiration behind the new single Lo stated, “I wrote this song earlier this year because I’m gonna live it up and treat everyday like its my last, lots family and friends died, and went to jail recently. I gotta live in the moment, can’t take it for granted, sometimes people will let life go by, this is me taking it by the wheel”. 

The Motor-City native gives incite to his life with bars like “every chance I get I’m out of state, gotta get to it now, I ain’t got time to waste” as he looks out of his Cartier C Décor white buffalo horn frames a staple in Detroit street culture. Throughout the video Lo can be seen living a luxurious lifestyle, with his arm out the window of a big body Mercedes-Benz and on the balcony of a high-rise building. The video closes with a arial shot of the Griffith Observatory a famous Los Angeles monument, further proving how worldly Lo truly is.

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