Compton’s BoogieFrmDa8 New Single “Spend Sum” Is A Money-Making Anthem

Compton’s BoogieFrmDa8 New Single “Spend Sum” Is A Money-Making Anthem

Compton’s newest star BoogieFrmDa8 is a name everyone needs to be familiar with immediately. The Compton, California native is only 21 years old, but has the wisdom of an OG. Having grown up with a well-known street figure as his father and his mother a published author, Boogie’s upbringing was the perfect mix of brawn, brain, and discipline. Boogie’s story began on 148th street, on the west side of Compton, becoming a fixture in the Campanella Park neighborhood by 8 years old, taking on the role of lookout, ensuring the older guys on the block were alerted of any potential incoming threats. Although he grew up in the mecca of G-Funk and West-Coast Hip Hop, the music of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Game and Kendrick
Lamar did not heavily influence Boogie.

With roots in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Boogie gravitated towards Plies, Lil Boosie and Lil Durk’s music and his music has subsequently been influenced by the southern acts. In 2018, at 18 years old, he started his rap career by rapping over the instrumental of hit records such as “Uno” by AMB Jayy, on Instagram going viral and earning the moniker “Mr. Takeover Beats.” Currently, in 2021, Boogie has picked up an immense amount of steam by consistently releasing singles featuring the hottest new artists in Los Angeles including “Pullin Skitz” featuring Baby Stone Gorillas, Treyway6k, and fellow Compton act YS.

Today, BoogieFrmDa8 brings us a brand new single titled “Spend Sum”, an energetic, money- making anthem where he emphatically states, “I’m tryna make a thousand hundreds, let ’em keep coming”. In this Sebastian Beltran directed visual Boogie, he is shown in a piano room as he flaunts his impressive jewelry collection. This is the first of many new singles with accompanying visuals that will be released through the end of this year as he looks to go into 2022 recognized as Compton’s next superstar.

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