$peedyyy Gets Assist From Fenix Flexin & JI Bands On New Vibe ‘Hot Spot’

$peedyyy Gets Assist From Fenix Flexin & JI Bands On New Vibe ‘Hot Spot’

Each and every day it seems L.A. has yet another rising star breaking through to the masses as a result of their trendy sonic temperaments and 4LAEntertainment artist $peedyyy is yet another one of those budding supernovas.

Proving he is ready to strike the iron while it’s hot as he is on fire at the moment, $peedyyy kicks into overdrive with the help of Fenix Flexin and JI Bands on “Hotspot.”

Billowing with the smoke Hitmob general and former Shoreline Mafia beat architect RonRonTheProducer laced the record with, “Hotspot” is a full-court press featuring $peedyyy, Fenix Flexin and JI Bands running a three-man-weave lyrical fast-break offensive attack.

Initiated by Fenix Flexin’s street smart tip-toe flows, $peedyyy graces the banger with the textbook jabbing, punch-in, punch-out cadence driven bars he has popularized in the midst of his buzz. JI Bands also proves a worthy collaborator and anchor on the playlist-ready bop.

$peedyyy shares “Hot Spot” on the heels of the breakout year he has orchestrated for himself in 2021 through his meticulous release campaign, highlighted by his dual King Of South Central mixtapes from earlier this year.

In addition to the release of his album The District, which features guest verses from artists such as Kid Trunks, Petty Petty, Fatboy Brizzle, $peedyyy has also joined forces with numerous trending talents this year including Alamo records signee YS and “Touchable” rapper Remble.

Stream “Hot Spot” below.


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