Griff Tyler Releases “Run It Up” Video (Directed by MadebyJames)

Griff Tyler Releases “Run It Up” Video (Directed by MadebyJames)

Fresh off his appearance on Issa Rae’s latest HBO show “Sweet Life: Los Angeles”, Griff Tyler is back with a brand new single titled “Run It Up”. This triumphant track signifies a new beginning for Griff as he has cemented himself as one of Los Angeles most exciting new acts. The Inglewood native’s video was directed by creative conglomerate MadebyJames who have proved themselves to be the go-to guys when it comes to delivering quality visuals for emerging LA artists. In this visual, Griff and his entourage crowd around a red McLaren as they make their way to a party and do a victory lap around the city. 

Griff Tyler has undoubtably ran it up in the past 12 months with a consistent output of music, quality visuals, regular radio play on FM and Satellite radio and now an entire episode of a premium network cable show surrounding his championship parade around Inglewood as music executives watched. Stay tuned for more quality singles to be released in the coming months as Griff continues to flex his endurance and outlast the field. 

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