Johnny Lugautti & Euro Gotit Want To Make It To The Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Early’

Johnny Lugautti & Euro Gotit Want To Make It To The Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame ‘Early’

Rockstar artist Johnny Lugautti is manifesting the greatness of his musical legacy one release at a time.

Embodying the wild, sexy, cool, rockstar energy Johnny Lugautti bleeds into each and every one of his turnt-up releases, “Early” allows both rappers to vibe out and lean into their dopeness while calling out their ops bluff.

Though Johnny Lugautti broke into the industry just under two years ago, he’s already reaching heights and he believes it’s primarily because of the bold confidence he has in his ability to take control of his destiny.

“Everything depends on how you approach life and how far you want to go to achieve your goal,” he said in a statement to Music Xclusives. “And, you should not also stop doing what you love.”

Johnny and Euro Gotit also link up in the upcoming visual shot by Krazy Hustle, and manage to trap out with the guys on the block and skirt off to a private location with abundant money and women just as the night begins.

Of the 14-plus tracks he’s shared so far this year, his Snap Dogg-assisted “We Poppin” collaboration featuring his 3G label mate COLDGAME has been creating a wave of its own by accumulating well over 50K streams across all platforms so far.

During an exclusive Instagram live interview with DROPSMEDIA, Johnny Lugautti described connecting with Snap Dogg for their fiery banger, shooting the visual for “Early” with Euro Gotit, recording over 30 songs a day and more.

Stream “Early” below.


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