Listen To WOOH$GATTi New Harrowing Single “Pocket Change”

Listen To WOOH$GATTi New Harrowing Single “Pocket Change”

WOOH$GATTi is Chicago’s latest noisemaker with his new single “Pocket Change”. The Windy City native’s harrowing new single sounds like if Michael Myers decided to rap in between slashing unsuspecting teenagers. WOOH$GATTI deep, raspy voice serves as the perfect match to the menacing beat creating an undeniably, irresistible track. Although the song is a bit reminiscent of early Chicago Drill music, he references current events to let you know this is a brand new song with lines like “n****s play about my bae get shot like Johnson & Johnson” which alludes to the vaccine shot many Americans are receiving following the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to face. With Halloween around the corner, this is a song you can play at a spooky party to get the mood going, but if kids come trick or treating playing this don’t give them candy, hand them pocket change. 

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