Jay Millian’s Latest Visual Is Full of “Karma,” as Trust Issues Get the Best of the Relationship

Jay Millian’s Latest Visual Is Full of “Karma,” as Trust Issues Get the Best of the Relationship

Jay Millian is back and better than before. His latest visual, “Karma,” is a reflective tale of the vindictive karma that comes with trust issues in a relationship, as Jay Millian describes the song as “a love story burdened by trust issues,” in which it inevitably falls apart, and while one person is in the wrong, “Karma” is vengeful.

The West Coast artist is refining music, pioneering new sounds and a genre he dubs to be “G Soul,” aka “a mixture of “G Funk and Neo-Soul — Gangsta Soul, or G Soul for short.” The song can definitely be described as a West Coast vibe, having a beat that makes the song catchy and fun at the same time.

The relationship depicted in the song brings Jay Millian to a point where audiences see a side of him that’s never been seen before.

“Music always helped me keep calm during rough times,” Jay Millian said. “In addition to the fact music plays such a important role in how people feel, I just wanted to provide good vibes for the world.”

The music video parallels the struggles of trying to keep a relationship going and dealing with the “karma” of trust issues. The visual, directed by Blu, takes the audience on a journey and tells a story all the way throughout — showing Jay getting the number from a girl at a restaurant, only for the audience to see his girlfriend hopping in another man’s car at the end of the visual. As seen in the music video, the scenes prove that his trust issues are valid, as Jay Millian sings, “Allat bulls–t ain’t got nothing to do wit us/ Everybody coming in tryna screw it up,” then ending on the refrain “I want you to myself but these demons tryna harm us/ Guess it’s just karma.” As it seems, the two can never be amicable and trusting in the relationship.

Jay Millian’s “Karma” is a must-listen and a must-watch, as he portrays this sense of trust that is never really there, but somehow there is still love, as the song serenades its listeners about the dangers of trust issues and the inevitability of “Karma.”

Jay Millian’s most recent project, Grisham Deluxe, is currently out, showcasing his diversity and skillset as a rapper. He is also in the process of crafting two mixtapes, as well as his debut album, set to be released very soon. In the meantime, follow Jay Millian on Instagram @jaymillianofficial and Twitter @jaymillianmusic to see when any upcoming releases are going your way!

Be sure to watch Jay Millian’s latest visual, “Karma,” below!

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