YS, Babyface Ray & Fenix Flexin “Hate Me” (Prod Helluva) Visual

YS, Babyface Ray & Fenix Flexin “Hate Me” (Prod Helluva) Visual

Compton’s YS is back with a new single further solidifying his Detroit ties as he collaborates with Platinum Producer Helluva once again. “Hate Me” features the self proclaimed Motor-City young OG Babyface Ray and LA staple Fenix Flexin (formerly of Shoreline Mafia). “Hate Me” is the first single from YS and Helluva’s highly anticipated project “Realer Than Real” which is expected to release in the next few months. 

The trio rap boastful bars about their lives and the envy the face. Babyface Ray kicks off his verse with  “I know these n***s hating, I feel em I’m living wavy, they know it ain’t no playing, they play me i’m demonstrating”. YS follows with his own earnest bars “principles that I stand on, gotta put my fam’ on, I’m plotting on my next move, they hoping that I fail though”. Fenix quickly explains the difference between him and others at the beginning of his verse by stating “I can never be you n***as I can’t fake the funk”. 

Directed by Wyatt Winfrey, the grainy 90’s handycam style visual takes place in a lofty space as the three artists casually lounge in their flyest fits and struggle to fit their wads of cash in their designer bags smoke copious amounts of blunts and record music.

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