Dash Flash Debut Project As a Latin Artist “Bendicido” Features The Best Production

Dash Flash Debut Project As a Latin Artist “Bendicido” Features The Best Production

Dash Flash is easily one of the east coast’s most dynamic and diverse artists. The Dominican-American hails from Groton, Connecticut but draws his inspiration from artists like 2pac, Nas and Jay Z as well as latin artists like Daddy Yankee. Since his initial viral hit “Mobbin” featuring D Savage in 2018, he’s followed up by collaborations with Lil Wayne, Rich The Kid, Zoey Dollaz to name a few. In the summer of 2019, Dash linked with latin trap upstart Gio Bulla for his first hit song in Spanish “Ella Me Da”.  

Since releasing his first Spanish song in 2019, Dash has done a full transformation into a Latin artist, embracing his Dominican roots to the fullest and ingratiating himself in the Latin-Trap/Reggaeton scene, collaborating with top producers and upcoming artists to create his latest project, ‘Bendicido’. The album title translates to blessed in English and is described by Dash as “Bendicido is a decision, to wake up in the morning and press on and move in, you have the power, you are in charge of your life. Things are gonna happen regardless, but you can choose to be bendicido.” Dash intently studied icons Don Omar, Arc Angel, Bad Bunny and drew inspiration from them and their music.

This project has ten songs featuring major artists: Jay Gwuapo, Rucci, Gio Bulla, MAAHEZ, Cypress Moreno & more. The project is 90% Spanish, with one hip hop track with Rucci. It gives a party and tropical vibe, since marketing towards women is very important in gaining a large fanbase, with some songs talking about real life situations (like the “En La Calle” song). 

Below is the visual for “Tengo Gana” and here is the link to the full project.

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