Griff Tyler Plays Masseur In “Forehead Kisses”

Griff Tyler Plays Masseur In “Forehead Kisses”

Griff Tyler is back with another innovative video this time it’s for his women pampering anthem “Forehead Kisses”. This comes only days after Griff released the visual to “Show Off”, which also showed his acting chops as Griff faced off the man in the mirror. Today, he opens the Kack & Blu directed visual acting as Randy Burgundy, the news anchor who is reporting live from the Forehead Kisses Resort and Spa. What the newscast shows of the resort is beautiful women getting massages whilst other women drink mimosas with garnishes calmly awaiting their turns.

Griff is continuing to release quality content as he builds up his catalogue in preparation for his appearance in a major premium cable program this summer which will raise his profile considerably. Stay tuned for his next video release in the coming weeks. 

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