Energy Puts On For Long Beach On Ready-Made “Strength” Banger

Energy Puts On For Long Beach On Ready-Made “Strength” Banger

SoCal-based designer rap artist Energy is shining like none other on his vibrant “Strength” single.

Featuring production from Kaddyx4, “Strength” takes West Coast music to the next level by blending, melodic summer-ambient vibes anchored by Energy’s catchy unrelenting flows.

As Energy commands the beat, demanding for loyalty and solidity from his shorty, it’s hard not to bounce along to the feel-good tune.

Following a string of popular singles, Energy’s defining 2020 effort was encapsulated in his quick-hit, crowd pleasing INFINITE EP, home to his fan-favorite banger “Cream.” 

In preparation for his project via Mousa Recordings based at TheLAnd studios in Hollywood, Energy plans to binge execute a release circuit throughout the remainder of 2021.

Stream “Strength” below.


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