Griff Tyler “Show Off”

Griff Tyler “Show Off”

Inglewood upstart Griff Tyler is back with a brand new visual for his stand out track “Show Off” on his EP ‘While I Have Your Attn’. The visual showcases a press conference face-off between Griff Tyler, the richest boxer ever and Griff Taylor, the 2x Lightweight Champion of the world. The video then proceeds to show the two Griff’s training camp as the two spar in their respective camps, one focusing on the fundamentals, and the other practicing his showboating moves with in style with his cap backwards.  Similar to Rocky Balboa versus Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, as one boxer trains with top tier technology and the other trains the old fashioned way.

Griff is continuing to release quality content as he builds up his catalogue in preparation for his appearance in a major premium cable program this summer which will raise his profile considerably. Stay tuned for his next video release in the coming weeks. 

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