Brent Faiyaz & Drake “Wasting Time” Prod. The Neptunes (LEAK)

Brent Faiyaz & Drake “Wasting Time” Prod. The Neptunes (LEAK)

It feels like 2015 again. Not only because I’m listening to Drake early in the morning while wearing Chelsea boots and lying to women about our future relationship that will never come to fruition, but because I’m posting a song on my blog that has leaked. It’s been years since a legitimate full CDQ version of a song by major artists leaked out of nowhere and spilled onto the internet, but today is one of them days I should probably send this link to my ex via email in hopes she unblocks me.

Early this morning, Brent Faiyaz and Drake‘s toxic new anthem “Wasting Time” which is produced by The Neptunes was ripped and placed on Soundcloud because the song has already been released internationally, but not in the US until Midnight east coast time. So, with no time wasted fans decided to chime in.

Don’t waste anymore time and listen to the song below.

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