DJ Primetime Sets The Summer Tone With New Track “How We Do It” ft. BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon

DJ Primetime Sets The Summer Tone With New Track “How We Do It” ft. BlueBucksClan and Chris O’Bannon

“My single is about LA, summertime and good vibes,” DJ Primetime stated in a recent interview.

LA-based DJ Primetime is back with a new hit on his hands. His latest single, “How We Do It,” is a classic track with a contemporary LA vibe that’s high energy and ultimately a vibe. Primetime has created a vibrant new track that preserves the original 90s flow, reintroducing Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” to a new generation of fans.

DJ Primetime, BlueBucksClan, and Chris O’Bannon, all from Los Angeles, have produced a new classic for the city. The song has hard-hitting verses and a blend of live instrumentation that are characteristic of DJ Primetime’s style.

DJ Primetime, who draws inspiration from artists such as DJ Khaled, Mustard, Quincy Jones, Kanye West, and Pharrell, emphasizes the usage of live instruments and samples in his compositions, claiming that “energy never lies.”

DJ Primetime’s creative approach has been greatly impacted by the musical intensity of his background. “Music has always been a part of my life. DJ Primetime explained, “My father was a DJ, and my mom used to play jazz music all day.” “I’ve been drumming since I was two years old and  I began performing in churches after that.”

DJ Primetime originally broke into the rap scene with his viral track “Tear It Up,” which featured Vinny West and Famous Uno, and is presently working with Kalan.frfr, Sada Baby, and 1TakeJay. DJ Primetime has a lot to be proud of as he continues to carve out a reputation for himself in the music business.

Keep an eye out for DJ Primetime’s new project, ‘My Life Is A Movie,’ which will be released shortly, and listen to his new track “How We Do It,” below!

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