Moneysign $uede Has Returned With “I’m Back”

Moneysign $uede Has Returned With “I’m Back”

One of Los Angeles’ newest stars Moneysign $uede is fresh out on the scene after a ten month prison stint. The Huntington Park native turned himself into custody in the fall of last year, right before his viral single “Back To The Bag” hit a million views on YouTube. While his fame was growing, $uede waited patiently behind bars, as he heard whispers of his success, trying to not let the fact he wasn’t able to enjoy any of it get to him. What he did instead was get his mind and his body right in preparation for his release date. In February of 2021, he received a call that he would be released in May, and he focused even more intensely on his program. Everyday in May, he prepared for his release until the day ultimately arrived May 27th. 

Only 8 days after his release from prison $uede returns with a new song and visual aptly titled “I’m Back” produced by Laudiano and Directed by Kevin Mora. In the visual, $uede dawns a bright red Versace polo, matching bottoms, gold chain, and fresh white Air Forces, appearing 30 pounds heavier with a new face tattoo right by his left eye, in front of a white Mercedes-Benz with a stack of cash making the emphatic statement that he’s back and better than before. He states “I’m back to the bag, just came out the other day, they forgot about the kid when I was eating cold trays”. Throughout the song $uede references the fake love as he’s been shown who’s really there for him and who isn’t while he was behind bars. When asked what he wants people to know now that he’s back, he said, “I want people to know, I came put high pressure on them, coming at their necks. I coming hard all year, even the blind gone see.”

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