Compton’s Teeezy Releases “Gang”

Compton’s Teeezy Releases “Gang”

While Compton California may be the most notorious city on the West Coast, the south-side of Compton is under-represented in the Los Angeles rap scene. However, Teeezy is changing that narrative one bar at a time. The rap phenomenon has been influenced by hip-hop’s greatest, which has led him becoming one of the West-Coast’s most vivid story-tellers in his own right. He originally began rapping strictly for therapeutic purposes, but after his initial success, he began to focus more intently on creating his own lane in rap. Teeezy burst onto the scene in 2018 with his chilling track “DAY 1K” which paints a vivid picture of his day one friends switching on him and the subsequent fall out from the situation which lead to him being shot in between the eyes. Since then, Teeezy’s cult-like following is growing by the day as fans often proclaim they get goosebumps from his descriptive lyrics. The Compton rapper received another boost in popularity in 2019 when Sacramento’s Mozzy hopped on his energetic track “Broad Day”. In 2021, Teeezy looks to continue to solidify his name on the West-Coast and beyond with live performances and projects to come.

His most recent song “Gang” draws a line in the sand with who’s with him and who’s against him. The tribe mentality that is necessary to survive in the jungle is exemplified throughout the hard hitting track creating a an anthem for listeners and their cohorts. 

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