SK1NANDBONEZ Gets Honest on New Project ‘The Delta Way 2’

SK1NANDBONEZ Gets Honest on New Project ‘The Delta Way 2’

North Long Beach native SK1NANDBONEZ’s new project The Delta Way 2 is a nine-track effort chock full of melodic trap songs that detail failed love interests, life in the streets and his come up. A few standouts on the project include “Telfar Bag, “Off The Porch,” and “Make It Home” ft. Los Angeles artist Kalan.FrFr. On the project, audiences hear SK1NANDBONEZ become vulnerable in a way that he hasn’t before. In a recent interview, he notes that most of his experiences stem from his upbringing being the son of a single mom.

“…My mama had me when she was young so we really grew up together in a sense…she didn’t really shelter me but she didn’t play either,” he said in a recent interview. “She allowed me to live and learn from my own mistakes and hers but she also disciplined me when it was needed. She was a single young mama and my pops was locked up during different periods of my life when I feel like young boys need their father the most,” the young rapper explained.

As fast as he and his mother had to grow up together, she still made sure to expose him to all of the right music.

“I listen to a lot of oldies and R&B so that’s where a lot of my melodies come from. As far as rap, I grew up on Tupac, Scarface, Biggie so they influence my sound,” SK1NANDBONEZ said.

The California native’s own musical journey really began to take off after he started uploading freestyles in his car as well as participating in freestyle social media challenges. SK1NANDBONEZ began to take music seriously after a video of him freestyling to Tyga’s “Taste” went viral on Twitter.

“Tyga even saw [the freestyle] and we talked through DMs for a second but I didn’t really have any music, just my freestyles — so the convo was short but he followed me,” he explained. “After that, a couple other artists from the city were showing love, so I was like I could really do this, I know I can make it work.”

The rapper quickly got to work and released his 2019 freshman tape The Delta Way, an eight-track effort that, while raw and rough around the edges, put his talent on display for a wider audience. 

The second installment, The Delta Way 2 is more polished and unveils SK1NANDBONEZ’ much improved penmanship and nack for melodies. The tape also has his first high profile feature with Roc Nation signee Kalan.FrFr, which was also released with a music video that has been gaining traction. You can watch the video here.

Stay tuned for more from SK1NANDBONEZ and check out the tape below!

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